Monday, January 30, 2012

There Was An Attack

We were attacked. The house and all of us inside it. I don't know by whom, but it must have been by the followers of another one of the Personifications, right? (I call them Personifications, but I guess I should really started referring to them as Fears? Even though I don't really Fear the Bright Ones at all.)

It happened last week. I really had been neglecting my writing duties, because I was still unsure of why I was following a Camper. He had already progressed to his ninth stage and, well, I didn't want to follow him anymore. He was...well, he was acting like a normal person. If I didn't notice the sheen of water on his hair or the slightly vacant expression in his eyes, I would never assume he was anything other than normal.

But I digress. (I do that a lot I guess.) Last week, I wanted to ask Nightjar again about following the Camper, but he wasn't home. Then, then there was a knock on the door. Tern opened it and he was hit immediately. By what? A flaming arrow. A flaming fucking arrow.

Right after, the front window burst open and several Molotov cocktails were thrown in. The house started to burn. Tern was lying limp on the ground, but I grabbed him anyway and pulled him away, back up the stairs. I probably wasn't thinking right, because I didn't pull out the arrow right away and let the Bright Ones out of Tern's body. Eventually, I got up to my bedroom and I threw open the window and looked outside.

There were men surrounding the house, men with flaming torches, like something out of Frankenstein. They could have been Campers, they could have been Puppets, I don't know. They looked like men. I finally tore the arrow out of Tern's body and some of the smaller Bright Ones flew out. I flipped open my pocketknife and made the hole wider and more of them came out. They started flying and attacking the men outside.

I unbuttoned my shirt and cut open my stomach as well. I usually like to open a smaller wound, but there wasn't time for the Bright Ones to come out slowly. They had to come out fast. I won't lie, it was painful. But soon the sky was covered by Them. They blotted out the stars themselves.

I went back to Tern and tried to determine if he was still alive. He was barely breathing. Then I went around looking for the others. Nightjar had been out, doing I don't know what, but Kestrel had been in the kitchen when the attack happened. I found her at the back porch. An arrow had gotten lucky and hit her in the eye, but she was still alive.

We're all still alive, but I don't know for how much longer. The Bright Ones killed all the men attacking us, so there was no one left to question. We left the house to burn to the ground and moved on to our backup location.

This was a coordinated attack. Is this why I was following the Camper? Are we at war with the Ichor?

I've been helping Tern and Kestrel recuperate. Kestrel will either have to wear an eyepatch or sunglasses whenever she's in public, though she says that she can see fine. The Bright Ones can lend her their eyesight.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now. Continued with following my targets? Does it make any difference?


  1. What make you think they served any of the Others? Perhaps they were Runners who read my blog and were able to identify one of you for the monstrosities that you are and tracked you back. They even used fire just like I suggested.

    Shame it didn't seem to work out for them. You need a bigger blaze to get full incineration of the birds along with the Birdbrains folks.

    1. I don't know if it was one of them, so you're right. It could have been a group of runners. In fact, I hope it was. I hope you are right. That would be much better than if we to war with another of the Personifications.

  2. I'm not the only one who can use their eyes now?

    Awww I'm not special anymore...

  3. Cutting you guys allows the birdies to fly out? I'll definitely remember this. Dear fucking Jesus, even fire didn't accomplish the job..