Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

We had a small little party today. Kestrel said she got Nightjar to approve it by telling him that the words "Merry Christmas" would never be uttered. She said we would sound like a political correct Wal-Mart. I asked her what she meant. She said never mind.

Anyway, we had a small party. Kestrel gave us all gift cards to Starbucks. Tern handed out bags of sunflower seeds (which we didn't really need, since we already have a whole lot). And I gave them pictures I had drawn of them. They seemed to like that. Well, Kestrel and Tern did. Nightjar just looked at his and then set it aside. He was busy drawing up some plans.

I checked in on my two targets: Target One celebrated Christmas fine. He doesn't seem quite that affected by knowledge of the Bright Ones. Target Two, on the other hand, has come down with an interesting case of paranoia. She was jittery, nervous, turning her head at every bird sound.

Nighjar just gave me a third target to keep watch on starting tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlenests

I keep trying to convince the others that we should celebrate Christmas. I've got Kestrel on my side, but Nightjar is stubborn. He claims since it's a religious holiday, we would be violating our oath to the Bright Ones. Kestrel and I claim that whatever religion was in the holiday has been taken out by commercialization.

I don't think it will convince him. Oh well. Besides, I don't really have any gift ideas. (And getting gifts the night before Christmas would be kind of hard, too.)

Two targets in sight today met with their families. Target One didn't tell his family anything. One of my Bright Ones sat next to his window and listened. Conversation was mainly about Christmas shopping. Target Two tried to tell her parents, but couldn't get it out. She managed to see the Bright One on the window sill and looked shocked. Did she recognize it? Or did she just think it was another bird? Need to observe Target Two more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Three Bright Ones emerged from the wound. They're flying now, streaming through the air, basking in the wind. I feel an emptiness without them inside me, but I know they'll soon return.

There are others staying here with me. I think they're here to keep me focused on my task, but that's fine. It's not my place to question. I am merely a Quill, a writer.

The others are KestrelTern and Nightjar. Kestrel's our Covert, the one who is good at sneaking around places. Tern is our Beak, the muscle of our flock, really. And Nightjar is the Crest, the leader. (Please note: these titles are just the ones I made up for them. They don't actually refer to themselves as such.) He gives orders, we obey. Well, sort of obey. You see, my orders come from the Bleak Shore itself, which overrides any orders Nightjar gives me. So he's a little resentful.

The Bright Ones are returning. I'd better go back inside.

Birdhouse In Your Soul

I have returned. I was recalled back to the Bleak Shore for a status update. Unfortunately, I really had nothing to update. And time on the Bleak Shore is kind of wonky.

In any case, I'm back and observing potential candidates. People, places, events. I need to write things down.

My chest hurts. The Bright Ones wish to be free. I can go now and let them out. No one will see. All I need is a knife and my flesh will open and they can emerge into the air.